Books, books and more books…

This may be the first, but I’m sure it won’t be the last, post on books. I LOVE Second-Hand bookshops and still hanker after running a little bookstore by the sea one day. In the meantime I make do by picking up as many books for free – or on the cheap. Our bookshelves look something like this:


and this:


(Can you tell that I’m quite sad and colour code my books?). The bookshelves, by the way, were made from reclaimed floorboards many years ago.

We do have more books in the loft but as a) we plan to move at some point and b) we are running out of space I am also trying to declutter our collection which is a very hard thing to do. So every so often we have a cull and take the books to Skoobs Book Stall in Bath, at the Guildhall Market. They buy and sell a wide range of secondhand paperback fiction.

I’m also a member of Read It, Swap It which allows members to exchange books for free and just pay for the price of postage. As I belong to a Book Group this has been a great way of sourcing books.

But the biggest source for books has to come from our local library. We have a library van that comes to the village once a week which has a fairly decent stock of books, audio cds and dvds (and can be a godsend during the school holidays when I am with the children and without a car). By using the library services’ online catalogue, we can also order books to be delivered via the van. The girls also visit the library in the local town every Saturday after swimming lessons. However the result of lots of trips to the library can mean that we lose track of all the books in our house. This weekend I found quite a few that were overdue (oops!) plus this letter:


Yes, where was Wally? That book took quite a long time to find!

Here are some of the others borrowed by the girls:




And for me- a beautiful story:


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