ALWAYS read the label!

I have had a few clothing disasters lately. No it hasn’t been what I’ve bought, in fact I have congratulated myself recently on some rather excellent finds. After a successful charity shop trip to Bath I picked up a beautiful red dress originally from Warehouse, which fitted perfectly, was hardly worn and cost a bargain at £8! I wore it twice, received lots of compliments and then put it in the wash. BUT it was partly made from wool and had I read the label I would have clearly seen that it should be DRY CLEAN ONLY!


So I now have a dress that has shrunk (although the attached underskirt hasn’t).


Even if I shortened the underskirt it would be FAR TOO short for me to wear. Ouch! I could say that at least I only paid £8 for it but I wonder had I paid a lot more for it first hand whether I would have read the instructions more carefully.

On the same shopping trip I bought a beautiful purple blouse originally from Warehouse. Again, it was as good as new and I only paid a couple of pounds for it. So I washed it a few times (no shrinkage) but after the fourth or fifth wash I decided to iron it. I’m not a great fan of ironing – in fact it’s my least favourite job. So again I didn’t read the label as I’m not very au fait with ironing temperatures etc. And guess what? I should have read the label:


Because this is what happened:


The blouse sort of melted under the heat of the iron and there is now a HUGE tear in the fabric. Another big ouch!

And finally to complete the triptych there is this lovely jumper which I picked up at the clothes swap.


Now I know that we very carefully sorted through all the clothes that were donated. I also know that the clothes were in good condition. So when I came to wear this jumper for the third time one of the girls said to me: “Mummy why is there a huge hole in your jumper?”


In fact there were three holes in my jumper which looked very suspiciously like animal bites. I have to confess that living in an old cottage in the countryside means that we do have the occasional visit from mice. But, to my knowledge, they have never climbed the stairs and got into my wardrobe. It may be that the jumper had been nibbled while in the laundry basket but, after a thorough search, there were no signs of any chewing of any other clothes or any other evidence of a rodent visit. I am deeply puzzled as to why this item of clothing has these holes and am also gutted that I have another piece of clothing I can no longer wear.

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