Our new (to us) Breadmaker!

I always thought that you couldn’t donate electrical goods to Charity Shops. However I have recently discovered the Dorothy House Furniture and Electrical shop in Chippenham, and the British Heart Foundation shop across the road. Both shops stock donated furniture (sofas, beds, desks, wardrobes etc) and electrical items. All electrical goods have been PAT tested and are in good condition.

For a while we have been thinking of buying a breadmaker because as a family of five we seem to get through the stuff SO quickly. After a quick trip to Chippenham and browse through both shops (kettles for £8, a Dyson hoover for £40!) we picked up a Bellini Breadmaker from Dorothy House for £10. Although it was without instructions I have been following a very easy recipe from the web and, after a couple of weeks’ use, it has proved indispensable to our family.

our new (to us) breadmaker

our new (to us) breadmaker


I really like the idea of extending the life of electrical appliances by finding new homes for them. There were a lot of gadgets, such as coffee machines and food processors, on the shelves at both shops. I wonder if some of them had been barely-used presents or bought on a whim and then never used. According to a recent survey (okay it’s by Direct Line insurance company who probably had a publicity motive) the least used kitchen appliances are toasted sandwich maker, food processor and slow cooker. (Although we get a lot of use from our toastie maker and slow cooker). Apparently 10 % of kitchen gadgets are never used. Although this is a sad reflection of our consumer society if the appliances are donated to charity shops, or freecycled, then a second – or third- life means that someone’s loss is another person’s gain.

Tomorrow we have a visit from both a washing machine engineer AND a repairman to look at our gas cooker. Both appliances are on the blink but I am very reluctant to replace or buy new. We may be taking another trip to the Dorothy House Homeware shop very soon….

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