How to make a t-shirt bag

Having finally repaired my sewing machine I have set about upcycling some of the things I picked up at April’s clothes swap. For ages I have wanted to turn a t-shirt into a bag, having seen this tutorial on pinterest.

So I took an old t-shirt:


Cut off the arms and cut out the neckline a little:


Sewed the bottom edges together and voila – a bag!


I also used some of the leftover fabric to make a couple of scrunchies for the girls (not pictured).

While in the ‘upcycling’ mood I also adapted a red scarf to take on holiday later this year. I had a beautiful rectangular red scarf but it was too long to wear.

So I turned it into a square (with some very bad cutting and sewing as I am quite a lazy sewer):


And here is a shorter and more practical scarf to take away to brighten my outfits while on hols:


All of this sewing brings to mind a fantastic term I came across at Jen’s blog, mymakedoandmendyear, entitled ‘wonk’. That is handmade work that is, shall we say, less than perfect. This has really inspired me to have a go – and even photograph- my sewing work which is always wonky. This is partly due to the fact that, as I said, I am a lazy sewer and can’t be bothered to follow instructions. I have many more sewing and upcyling projects in mind now that the sewing machine is working again. I am also determined to work my way through my pinterest board rather than just pinning mindlessly. So plenty more wonk coming your way…

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