Holiday reading

It is less than one month before we go on our BIG holiday, camping in the South of France. We are travelling by train all the way which I am very excited about. We will be limited by space as we will be carrying rucksacks (adults) and small backpacks (children) but I still want to pick up a few things for the girls to read and do on the journey (we have already had the i-pad debate and agreed to leave it at home HURRAY!). I am very resistent to buying comics for the girls for the holiday as a) they have loads of unread ones already and b) I hate the plastic tat that is attached to them (I once had a holiday job sticking this plastic tat to comics and got paid a measly piece rate for it). Instead I am looking out for second hand books which are cheaper and less throwaway. So far I have collected:

IMG_8349holiday-themed reading books for two of the girls by their favourite authors.

IMG_8350These workbooks look slightly worthy but I know middle daughter will really enjoy working on them.

Although I have just dissed children’s comics one of the few I make the exception for is the ‘Jacqueline Wilson’ magazine which eldest gets on subscription and really enjoys reading. It does come with stickers/book/pens attached to the front but this ‘tat’ is slightly more worthwhile than the cheap, moulded plastic that is on a lot of the kids’ comics.


I was also fortunate enough to come across a pristine second-hand copy of Jacqueline Wilson’s autobiography, ‘Jacky Daydream’, which eldest has now read cover to cover:

Not bad for £1.29 from local charity shop!

Not bad for £1.29 from local charity shop!

Now that she has read it we might re-donate it to a charity shop and maybe some other child will pick it up for her holiday reading!.What do you do with books you have picked up from charity shops once you have read them? Do you keep them or pass them on?

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