National Zero Waste Week: 2-8 September

I’ve decided to blog about my adventures in reducing food waste in Second-Hand Tales as it sort of fits with what I’m trying to write about: being thrifty, finding a new purpose for things and reducing waste (whether it be clothes, furniture, appliances or food).

Rae Strauss has been running National Zero Waste Week for the past six years although this is the first time I have really embraced it. This year’s theme concerns food waste. As a family of five I think we are sort of okay although we could definitely do better. I suspect, though, by the end of this week I may be looking at our waste in a new light. I want to challenge myself to use up the food we have and not to throw anything away. This week it is back to school for three family members plus a birthday party which should prove challenging. I also work one day a week in a cafe so that may be interesting too. I also hope I will get to look at our more general waste as well to see where we can improve.

Last night, before the challenge started I rather obsessively went through my fridge and fruit bowl:

As today was the last day before back to school and the weather was so warm I decided to plan a picnic to a local park. With this in mind I was able to use up the two mouldy bananas (chocolate banana cake), and the once-used lemon that already had its rind grated (fairy cakes with lemon juice). I also chopped some of the many peppers and made a small fruit salad with the one quarter melon and an apple. As I was in the manic food waste frame of mind I also took my half empty cup of tea in a thermos to the park!

While some of the food was left from the picnic and now sits in the fridge I was pleased I’d made the effort to do some baking. What I was surprised about though was the packaging waste and the plastic bags and tetra packs (from small apple juice cartons) that had to go in the bin. By the end of the day the bin looked like this:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA(I will have to investigate tetra pac recycling in our area).

One thing I failed in was the revival of half a block of feta cheese that had been in the fridge for a couple of weeks. I was going to put it in a salad for tea but having tasted it I realised it was definitely off! So that had to go in the bin too. I also generated two small bags for the compost:


2 thoughts on “National Zero Waste Week: 2-8 September

  1. Hey Kathryn
    Just found all your fantastic zero waste week posts! It sounds like you’ve been really industrious and I’ve enjoyed reading about your adventure (although the egg on the face one sounded a bit too dramatic for me!)
    I hope you enjoy the rest of the week and end up with some new favourite recipes 🙂

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