National Zero Waste Week – Lamb leftovers

We had a lovely slow roasted leg of lamb on Sunday (apologies to all the vegetarians). But we have loads left over which isn’t great as it’s not a meat I’m fond of eating cold and it’s Zero Waste Week plus I’m trying to cut down on food waste.

Not the most appetising picture I've ever posted!

Not the most appetising picture I’ve ever posted!

So I headed off to the brilliant Love Food Hate Waste website and quickly found a recipe for lamb stock (great for making soups, adding to meat casseroles etc).

lamb stock in the making

lamb stock in the making

I also found a very tasty curry recipe which I spiced up for the adults, and spiced down for the girls (no pics I’m afraid as it all got eaten). However  there is still lots of lamb left as I’m trying to do sensible portions for my kids and use the food that they will eat, rather than what I hope they’ll eat. Needless to say husband will be taking a few lamb sandwiches to work this week!

On other news after some very quick research I discovered that tetra packs can be recycled so I took them out of the bin. Tuesday night’s bin looked like this:


(Must do something about the empty Flora tub).

Compost looked like this -although I need to tackle the amount of kids’ breakfast cereal I am composting in the mornings:


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