National Zero Waste Week: leftover curry paste

There is always something lurking in the back of the fridge and, although ours is only three shelves high, it can still provide some great hiding places. As I was doing my weekly clear out/Zero Waste Week inspection I spotted this horror:


A half used jar of Red Thai Curry Paste.

This is something that seems to happen on a frequent basis in our house and something we must tackle. Typically we decide to make a certain meal as a treat. So we buy all the ingredients which includes the jar of specialist sauce. But when we cook there is still half a jar left over. So it goes back in the fridge and we intend to use it up but that means buying more stuff that we don’t ever use up (in this example coconut milk). So it stays in the fridge and I keep looking at it and feeling guilty. Then before I know it the jar turns into something hideous and gets thrown away.

I posted this image on the zero waste facebook page and got some handy hints on how to stop this happening in the future: put some oil on top, or try adding a wax circle (as you would for jams or chutneys). I will definitely try these although the best idea is to meal plan better so that the jar gets used up within a month.

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