Zips mended and toasters fixed at our first Repair Cafe

We held our first Repair Cafe in Corsham yesterday at the Pound Arts Centre (where I work).  I had been working with Corsham’s enthusiastic green group (Transcoco) on this project for a couple of months, having been inspired by the Warminster Repair Cafe run by Jen from mymakedoandmendyear. Rather nervously, we set up the cafe yesterday afternoon and awaited our first customers.  In the end we had 20 customers and -with the help of experts and volunteers – managed to fix:

two toasters

one chair

one music stand

two bikes

zips on ricksack and sleeping bag

holes in trousers

one lamp

one radio

plus the DIY table was busy as people helped themselves to tools to fix things themselves.

Not everthying could be fixed but the feedback from all customers was really positive. We had lots of comments from people who were pleased their items were fixed and that they had learned to do something themselves. For all the volunteers it was great to be able to chat with people who had similar ideas about waste and repair. We were also lucky to be joined by a retired engineer who offered his services and set to work repairing straight away!

So we have decided to run our next Repair Cafe in two months’ time on Sat 23 November. Watch this space…..


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