A Decision…

Recently I have attempted to sell some things on eBay and similar sites. But I have to admit I am RUBBISH at it! I know so many people who make money this way, even getting more for something than they originally paid for it. However I have barely made a profit because I’m just not wired that way and – to be honest – can do without the hassle of taking photos, weighing things, checking messages etc. For along time I felt a bit of a failure. I almost didn’t want to admit I had let something go for free on freecycle, or given it away when I could have made money. Our financial situation isn’t even flush so I could really have done with making money this way. And after the last Car Boot sale I endured I realised that I am NEVER going to be on the Apprentice!

Then this week I had an epiphany and realised that I DON’T have to sell my unwanted things. I can give them away for free and save ALL the hassle. It’s a personal thing but I feel bad that I haven’t donated much to charity this year (like hardly anything) and I had decided that the money I made from the last thing I managed to sell was going to go straight to Oxfam or Save the Children. So I realised that I could cut out the middle man and just donate the items straight to the charity shop anyway. That way they can charge what they want, I get rid of the item and don’t feel so bad about not giving to charity. I mean I write about charity shops enough AND buy from them. I do wonder how charity shops survive anyway with so many people selling the items they may have once donated.

I guess what this all comes down to is not some great altruistic gesture on my part but:

1) a way of getting rid of things straight away (we have a tiny house and there are a few of us so I am constantly de-cluttering). At present our loft is filled with things that I have put by to sell at some point in the future but this leads me to the next point….

2) saving me the hassle of selling because really I am lazy

3) Salving my conscience because I am – sort of – donating to charity

4) showing my children there is an alternative to just selling. It is a lot of their stuff that we are constantly clearing out (due to a combination of little space and generous grandparents) so it’s good to include them in the decision making process knowing that their donations will help others

And, most of all, I am no longer going to feel bad that I am NOT making money  this way.  I’ll never work for Sir Alan will I?

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