Orange milk?!

In my quest to purchase more products with less packaging I experimented with adapting my milk delivery. That is, I ordered more than just milk bottles from my milkman. Although it’s more costly I do try to buy milk this way as a) it always arrives very early in the morning, rather than me having to run out to the local Cosctutters in my dressing gown b) even when we were snowed in we still got our milk delivery while they were rationing milk supplies at the local shop and c) you can return the milkbottles.

With the latter in mind I decided to order a pint of orange juice which looked like this:


One of the girls did ask why there was orange milk in the fridge!

The thing is it went far too quickly and, at £1.20 per pint it was just too expensive. So I’m afraid I’ve gone back to supermarket tetra packs, which I am now trying hard to save for the next journey to the tip.

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