New Year’s Eve – in a Seventies’ style

I don’t know why but I had it in my head that I wanted to dress in a Seventies’ style for New Years Eve. It may have been the thought of the prawn cocktail and curried eggs that our friends were serving as 1970s canapes at the beginning of the evening. It could also have been the record player that my lovely husband bought me for Christmas which has reunited us with a lot of our parents’ vinyl (Neil Diamond, Stevie Wonder and of course Abba). Anyway we took a post Christmas trip into Bath, scoured the charity shops and picked up two suitable Margot and Jerry outfits for the evening:


His was an Austin Reed suit (£12.99 from the British Heart Foundation Shop). Mine was a green acrylic/wool blend dress which cost £10 from the Julian House charity shop (which I previously blogged about here). I also had to buy the matching knuckle duster ring for £4. The dress is by David Gibson of Regent Street and I am guessing, from the label and sizing, it’s 1970s.


Button details

Button details

I wore the dress without the belt as it was, ahem, a little tight.

I wore the dress without the belt as it was, ahem, a little tight.

It’s hard to do justice to the shade of green which looks more jade in the photos. If I was the say it is a 1970s shade of green I hope this makes sense. I actually really love it and am determined to wear it again for everyday. A friend actually commented that it looks fairly similar to this one currently on sale at Hobbs for £159! And this is why I love shopping second hand!!

Anyway needless to say we had a great New Year and didn’t crawl home until three am. We took our record player round to friends and danced until the early hours…

IMG_8698 IMG_8696

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