On the mend with the latest Repair Cafe

Having been inspired by the Repair Cafes that Jen from my make do and mend blog has been organising, we started running bi-monthly cafes at the Arts Centre where I work. The aim of a Repair Cafe is to encourage people to learn to fix broken items for free, rather than throwing them away. At a Repair Cafe they meet with local experts and work together to mend anything from a broken lamp to a busted zip or wonky bike. Not only do customers get to meet the experts in their area but they also learn to fix things for themselves. At our last cafe I brought along a broken radio. The electrician was able to test it and then advise what I needed to buy in order to repair it (turned out to be very cheap and easy and to think I was going to throw it away!). A friend brought along a toaster that hadn’t been working for ages.The electrician took it part and found the cause of the problem: a dead mouse!!!

This coming Saturday (25th) is our third Repair Cafe, held between 2 and 4pm and in conjunction with Corsham’s local green group, Transcoco. As well as an electrician, computer repair expert, seamstress, carpenter and upholsterer we will also have two jewellery repair experts and local chiropractors to help ‘mend your body’. This cafe has gone from strength to strength and I’m really excited that we have even more people than ever to help with repairs.

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