Second-hand crafting with the Scrapstore


Yesterday we paid a return visit to the fantastic Wiltshire Scrapstore. I had previously posted here about a trip to Barty’s, the Scrapstore shop in the beautiful village of Lacock. This time we ventured to the Scrapstore’s HQ and warehouse on a small industrial estate outside the village.

Once inside the warehouse you can pick up a carrier bag, or larger bin bag, and cram it full with all sorts of donated scrap: yogurt pots, egg boxes, paper, ribbon, foam, card, bottle tops and much more. All the materials are donated by businesses, and with some of them it can be hard to figure out the original purpose. For example one of the most popular items seem to be these sticky foam circles:


They are brilliant for craft making with kids. Just peel off the sticky cover and you can stick as much stuff on as you want. In the past the girls have turned them into birds’ nests, spiders and these:


I have no idea what they were originally intended for, but am grateful to whichever business donated them and avoided them being sent to landfill. I also picked up these large cardboard shapes (I think they’re meant to be folded to make boxes?). I thought they would be great to turn into Spring flowers, or maybe little chicks with beaks?


At the end of our visit we had a carrier bag crammed with goodies which came to a grand total of £3!


I also picked up some of these pre-cut themed sets as an alternative to Easter eggs for my nephews and nieces:


What I love about the Scrapstore is that it closes the loop: waste products no longer required by businesses are turned into craft supplies. I know that personally my children (and myself!) have spent many happy hours using our imagination to turn this scrap into some great craft.


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