Upcycling childrens’ jeans

You may remember a little while ago I posted here about buying very cheap jeans from Primark. The jeans were for my little girls who had recently outgrown their other pairs. After the Primark post I tried to ease my green conscience a little by patching some existing jeans of mine. I was also determined to do something with the girls’ old jeans.

With summer around the corner I thought it would be perfect to upcycle the old jeans and turn them into shorts. But I wanted to do something more than just cut them off and leave them with frayed edges. After a quick search through my upcycling board on pinterest I came across some very cute fabric cuffed shorts. Again I followed the tutorial below from tlc inspirations (I find their youtube videos really useful – I posted here about following one to mend my jeans):


Bearing in mind I have a very old sewing machine and have very limited sewing skills I was able to refashion two pairs of shorts in just one morning. I used some old scraps of fabric to add the cuffs. This week has seen really warm weather and so it was great for the girls to come home from school and change into their new shorts:



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