Do you sell or give away unwanted items?

I guess this question is sort of the reverse of what this blog is about. That is I have been trying to chronicle my love of all things that are acquired second-hand. This can be from charity shops, jumble sales, or online sites such as Freecycle or Freegle.


A beautiful pile of clothes recently given to us by a friend

But when people are generous enough to donate their unwanted items to these outlets does it go against ‘second-hand etiquette’ to sell these things at a later date?

I previously posted here about my failed attempts at online selling, through both Ebay (selling a maternity dress for 99p) and local facebook sites.   The inspirational Annie from Kinder by the Day  recently blogged about Random Acts of Kindness that are free to do. One of them was letting people get a bargain on Ebay, which is a refreshing alternative to the drive to make a profit from selling on this site.

With three daughters I am the lucky recipient of bags of clothes from friends. Those items that are not needed are passed onto others, given to charity shops or donated through clothing banks. A friend recently gave us some beautiful clothes from Joules and Monsoon. Because I know she is a very generous person, and to save the embarassment of a conversation about giving her some money for them, I texted her later to say I’d made a small donation to Save the Children as a roundabout way of saying thank you.

Yet as I write I am also attempting to sell some good quality  clothes that were given as gifts, and the girls have now outgrown. As it didn’t cost me anything to buy these clothes is it right that I try to make money from selling them? I am also going against my previous promises and planning to keep any money I make.

Yet a recent trip to Bath showed that charity shops in the city are looking for stock, and they are not the only ones (see here). With easy access to online selling sites and so many of us strapped for cash is it right that we overlook these outlets when getting rid of unwanted items? Or should we all be doing our bit to complete the circle and make sure that when we purchase from them we also donate?







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