Slow fashion challenge


As you may know I have recently been pondering about the environmental impact of Fast Fashion. It all started when I bought £5 jeans from Primark for my girls and wondered how they could be so cheap.

I then began to look a little into the impact on both workers and the environment of producing clothing in such a short time scale. Primark says it can turn clothes around in six weeks, and it’s not alone in being able to turn garments from design to production to stores within a very short period of time. This means that stock is forever changing, giving us even more choice but making items seem outdated almost as soon as they leave the shop. It also means that clothing is made quickly and cheaply in countries such as Bangladesh and Cambodia (look at the labels on your High Street clothes). Labour Behind the Label is a Bristol-based charity that is campaigning for these workers to be paid a living wage and to work in safe premises.

I know that other people feel like me and I was delighted to come across Zoe’s blog: Eco Thrifty Living. She is currently undertaking a Year of Eco Challenges. This month (June) she will be looking at how she can embrace Slow Fashion by wearing outfits that are in fashion, without buying anything new or second-hand. For those who want to support her she has suggested doing the same, or wearing the same pair of shoes for a month or restricting the number of clothes you can wear.

So I feel it’s only polite to follow Zoe on this challenge for the next month and have decided to:

1) buy no new or second-hand clothes (the former part is easy, the latter part will be harder)

2) keep on with the mending and altering now that I have managed to patch jeans, upcycle shorts and mend(?)  a sofa. I need to work on darning socks and have a pile of clothes I’ve just re-discovered which I will attempt to mend or alter

3) I have a brief plan to try to emulate Zoe by wearing oufits that are sort of in fashion, using only clothing I already own

pile for mending, altering and upcycling

pile for mending, altering and upcycling


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