Day Two: slow fashion challenge

Today is Day Two of this month’s challenge from the eco thrifty living blog. It’s all about Slow Fashion and I’m trying to really think about what I wear, how it doesn’t matter if you put on the same thing two or three days in a row and how we can get away from cheap ‘disposable’ fashion.

For the second day I’ve put on the same green dress and jumper. It’s funny because when I’m on holiday I pride myself in packing a really small number of clothes to wear in lots of different ways (otherwise known as a capsule wardrobe). However at home I feel scruffy if I wear the same outfit on two consecutive days ( what will other mums think on the school run? What if I start to smell!). I also have the challenge of working in a public space for five consecutive days this week. Normally I only work one day a week there and struggle to wear something different each time. But, really, do people even notice? And what does it matter if they do?


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