Clothing clear out


Without any nagging my girls have decided to clear out their wardrobe and drawers and donate a lot of their clothes to charity. They have recently received two separate bags of clothing from different friends. We are very limited on space (one wardrobe for the five of us, a drawer for each of the younger girls’ clothes plus separate smaller drawer for underwear and pjs) so it really does have to be a ‘one in, one out’ rule.

Usually I get hold of the clothes before the children get home so that I can cull the donation before it enters the house (sorting out those outfits that are too big, or we have too many of already). But these bags arrived during the holidays and were welcomed with squeals of delight as they spent a couple of hours trying on new outfits. But in return they decided to make space for these new garments by getting rid of those clothes they no longer need. We now have two large bags to donate to the cothing bank at the girls’ school. (The clothing bank is very useful when I have to get ride of clothes now and don’t have the time or transport to take to a charity shop, or the patience and success with selling on ebay or facebook sites).


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