Slow Fashion challenge: Week Two (well-loved jeans and the ’emergency black dress’)

I have been taking a very loose tally of what I have been wearing over the past seven days as I follow the Eco Thrifty Living challenge to slow down what I wear. I have been trying to limit what I wear and get more use out of a handful of garments. I have been working over the past few days and so have attempted to wear slightly smarter clothes. So this black dress has had a few more outings than normal:


I picked this up at clothes swap party I organised a few years ago. While it wouldn’t have been my first choice I knew that I needed what a friend referred to as a ‘funeral dress’. In fact I had to borrow her own black dress to wear to a funeral only a few weeks’ before. I would like to actually rename this the ’emergency black dress’, rather than Coco Chanel’s ‘little black dress’. It’s really a very hard working dress as it doesn’t crease, can be warm in warm and cooler weather and always looks smart, whatever the occasion.

The other item of clothing that has seen a lot of use over the past nine days is my much loved and mended pair of jeans. Only last month I learnt how to patch these jeans at the knee (they have since had to be patched again). While I know I should replace them these jeans are comfy, go with everything and are probably the best definition of slow fashion in my wardrobe. They were bought brand new about five years ago from a High Street store and, despite the worn knees, have been very good to me. I have worn them over the past week with: white shirt, orange dress and my faithful green tunic three times (as pictured).



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