Slow Fashion Challenge: Week Three (wearing trousers again)

Okay so the weather has been really good recently. Coupled with that and my limited wardrobe for the eco thrifty blog’s Slow Fashion Month means I’ve just not been wearing trousers. It’s either been my well-loved jeans (usually rolled to pedal pusher length), my blue leggings or a dress of some sort. Today the weather was a little cooler and so I put on the brown cords I wore at the beginning of the month (also the jeans were in the wash). It felt slightly odd to have all my legs covered, rather like the feeling you get when you come back to the UK after a holiday abroad somewhere warmer.


As I’ve now reached half way in the month long challenge I thought I’d do a quick tally of what I’ve been wearing:

Jeans: 6 days

Green Jumper/Black Dress: 5 days

Leggings/Blue Cardigan/Green Tunic Dress: 4 days

Orange Dress: 3 days

And a small assortment of four different tops, one pair of shorts and another pair of trousers.

What I’ve noticed while doing this challenge is how lazy I’ve become. It really is easy to get up in the morning, briefly look at the small choice of clothes I have and select an outfit. It’s even easier on days when I’m not working, although I do have to make sure the clothes are washed on a regular basis. There are some outfits that I am looking forward to wearing next month, especially if the warm weather continues and I can bring out my entire summer wardrobe.I have sort of cheated by adopting a couple of new items over the past even days but as I know I’ll wear them again before the end of the month I don’t think that’s too bad.



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