Slow Fashion Challenge: the month in review

It’s over… For the past month I have been following the challenge set by Zoe at eco thrify living  to ‘slow down fashion’. I had personally started to question the cheapness of clothing and the throwaway nature that ‘fast fashion’ fosters. So Zoe’s challenge came at the right time for me. Ironically a brand new Primark store will be opening in my hometown next month, just as all us ‘slow fashionistas’ have come to the end of our fashion fast.

The Slow Fashion challenge had different elements to it but  I stuck to the simple challenge of limiting my wardrobe.

I would say that my wardrobe is rather limited anyway. The majority of my clothing is also second-hand but I liked Zoe’s take on not splurging at charity shops just because something is cheap.

Looking at the very basic tally I made I wore 21 different items of clothing. This, of course, didn’t include underwear and I did slightly cheat as I had two camping trips this month but haven’t included my two fleecy tops which I count as essential outerwear. I also resricted myself to 4 pairs of shoes and resisted the urge to buy a new pair of sandals which I desperately needed.

The top five items that I wore to death this month were:

5. Green jumper

4. Black dress

3. Blue cardigan

2. Green tunic dress

1. Jeans

There were a couple of things I learnt from doing this challenge:

1) Although I thought I had a small wardrobe anyway I realised there were things that I could do without and could look at making it even smaller.

2) When you have less choice it is far easier to get ready in the mornings.

Also, despite my fears of wearing the same item too many times nobody commented on it. This made me think about how we are conditioned to worry about ‘wearing the same thing twice’ which may be the driver for fast fashion in the first place…





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