Plastic Free July: all in a lather..



So Day One of Plastic Free July involved a trip into town to purchase products for the bathroom. I have just run out of liquid handsoap, shower gel, shampoo and conditioner so it seemed liked a good time to investigate the no-packaging alternatives to single use plastic bottles.

The answer to the handwash and shower gel was a very simple one: return to the days when we all used bars of soap to wash (does anyone remember soap-on-a-rope?) But even buying a simple bar of soap tends to involve single use plastic wrap.

Thankfully my local town has both a Neals Yard and Lush, shops that strive to reduce their packaging. I picked up some orange and geranium soap from Neals Yard and a simple Ice Blue peppermint-scented hand soap from Lush. Both products were packaged only with paper and a sticker. The assistant at Lush told me they only put their ingredients list, and instructions, on the sticker to save on packaging.

The shampoo and conditioner conundrum proved to be more difficult and the only non plastic alternative I could find were solid bars from Lush. A few years ago I bought a bar of shampoo at a festival and really loved it (however keeping it at the bottom of the shower cubicle wasn’t a great idea as it quickly got washed away). Yesterday I picked up a revolting smelling shampoo bar from Lush and a slightly nicer smelling conditioner bar.

Soaps and the minimal paper waste

Soaps and the minimal paper waste

The shopping trip cost me £20 (including a tin for the shampoo), which is about 70% more than I would normally spend on these items so I’m not sure how the value for money will work out. But the tiny amount of rubbish it generated (that can be recycled) felt good.



5 thoughts on “Plastic Free July: all in a lather..

  1. Hi Kathryn – which shampoo bar did you buy from Lush? I’ve tried a few and I agree that some smell horrible but others are quite nice! Love the idea of plastic free July!

  2. I went for soak and float for dry scalps. It does have cade oil in the ingredient list which, according to Lush has been used for centuries to treat sore skin and has a “strong, smoky woodsy” aroma so I may go round smelling like a bonfire for the next month!

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