Swept away by a second-hand hoover


Last year I was very excited by our purchase of a second-hand breadmaker here. We had picked it up from the fantastic Dorothy House Furniture and Electrical Shop in Chippenham. Over a year later it’s still going strong and we’re making about 3-4 loaves a week in it. Not bad for a £10 purchase!

Today we returned to the shop to pick up a Dyson hoover. We have a long history with broken vacuum cleaners. We originally had a Dyson which, through being overworked in a house of three small children, gave up the ghost a few years ago. We then picked up a broken one from Freecycle which my my very handy Dad was able to mend. However through more abuse from our messy house this one died too. I then resorted to buying a cheap one from Tesco two years ago and have been struggling with vacuuming ever since. For the past six months the only way I can remotely get my carpets clean is by getting down on my hands and knees and using the hose!

But we received a little extra money in our pay packet this month and husband and I rushed off to the two household and electrical shops in Chippenham to see if we could find a second-hand replacement. These shops appeared a couple of years ago in town and, since then, I have noticed more appear in the area. They are a great way of picking up cheap furniture and electrical appliances, and also a good place to donate these items when many charity shops can’t take them. If you want an iron, food mixer, radio or even record player, you should be able to pick one up. All electrical items are PAT tested as well. There’s also a good choice of furniture – a sort of 1970s version of Ikea (some of the items reminded us both of our grandparents’ houses).

The Dyson cost £80 (over £200 brand new, although newer models). I have already been hoovering furiously to make up for lost years and the amount of fluff coming off our carpets is quite frightening!


(PS the only annoying thing about buying the Dyson was the plastic bag the tools came in. As you know I’m trying to give up single use plastic this month).


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