A mending kind of day…..


Having been inspired by the Repair Cafe I ran yesterday at work I decided to tackle the rotary dryer in our garden. The wires are loose and when I folded it the other day everything became tangled up. So I very painstakingly unscrewed the arms and, rather like the reverse of doing a cat’s cradle, I untangled the wires. At one point I had considered getting rid of the thing, but once it was fixed I felt a great sense of satisfaction that I’d saved one more thing from landfill.

And my husband also mended the solar fairy lights which he had tripped over last weekend and broken!

Our Repair Cafe had a slightly smaller attendance yesterday (it clashed with the town’s Summer Fete) but the electrician and handyman were still busy with repairs made to -among other things – a paper shredder, hoover, air conditioning unit and a puppet!

6 thoughts on “A mending kind of day…..

  1. It must’ve been very satisfying untangling the washing line. I think the idea of repair cafes are excellent. I wish they had some near us.

    • Yes I did feel rather happy after untangling it but daren’t take it down again ever… Have you tried the repair cafe website to see if there is one near you? There are definitely more starting up in the UK

  2. We have a repair cafe run by Transition Chesterfield (which I am a proud member of) and I love it! It is such a great community event, it really brings people together and saves stuff from landfill.

    • Ooh I’ll have to pick your brains on that one as could do with some useful tips about how to maintain the momentum. We are needing to recruit more menders and encourage more people to attend.

      • Happy to help – the big thing I’ve noticed is that the repair cafe’s are always held at other events, fetes, festivals, community fun days etc so we get a lot of drop ins. Also we have an amazing guy who is stunningly good at mending bikes so repair cafe’s in May, June get a tonne of bikes for fixing! I’m not sure how we have managed to do so well in terms of getting menders – we have a good split between computers, electrical, mechanical, fabric, gardening advice and bikes.

  3. Hurray for mending! Soooo pleased your Repair Cafe is going well, AND that it is inspiring you to a spot of Make Do and Mend!
    Thanks so much for linking up to Making, Making Do and Mending 🙂

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