Plastic Free Breakfast


As you may know I have been struggling with plastic free shopping. Everything seems to come packaged in the damn stuff and as I’ve discovered when ordering online it’s even harder to work out what will come with excess packaging and what won’t. However the one meal where I seem to be having some success is at breakfast.

I already order my milk from Dairy Crest so I receive a home delivery in glass bottles (and have just added orange juice to that although it’s rather pricey at £1.25 per pint!). I make bread using my lovely second-hand breadmaker. The eggs I can pick up locally from either the newsagent (I get 10p off for re-using my cardboard egg carton), or from one of the many people in my village who sell their own eggs (£1 a dozen).

Before embarking on Plastic Free July I did some research into breakfast cereals. My children have a serious cereal habit (two-three portions in the morning). All their cereal comes in cardboard boxes with plastic inner bags which is no good. I did some extensive shaking of packets in various supermarkets and health food stores (and even tried to open the lids very carefully) but they all come with bags. However I did find two sources of plastic-free porridge oats, which my children also love to eat.

Moonflake Jumbo Oats (1.5kg), 2.49 from Waitrose; Aldi Porridge Oats (1kg) 75p

Moonflake Jumbo Oats (1.5kg), 2.49 from Waitrose; Aldi Porridge Oats (1kg) 75p

With the oats I have also made my own granola which I have been eating a lot of this month. The children are alternating between loose and plastic packaged cereal but I am trying to stay plastic free. So to this end I’ve avoided buying teabags and have left the remaining ones for my husband to use. Instead I have started to use up the supply of loose tea that a friend bought back from India recently. I’m also going to investigate Whittards’ tea which Westy Writes has discovered. Drinking tea this way is  certainly more fiddly and my teapot seems so huge for one cup – but it’s worth it for my morning cuppa.

3 thoughts on “Plastic Free Breakfast

  1. Quakers make oats packaged in cardboard with no plastic inner. Those two in your pic look kinda plastic-y to me, or is it just the pic? You can actually be quite inventive with oats too, it doesn’t have to be all porridge – try Bircher muesli by soaking overnight and adding fruit, or using coconut milk for a more exotic taste!

    Great news on the milk and orange juice – I forgot you could get that in milk bottles too! I love that you get 10p off for reusing your egg container too. I wish more places had incentives like that!

    Good luck with the tea expedition!

  2. Thanks for the muesli tip. On closer inspection the Moonflake packet does have more of a sheen (like wrapping paper) so may not be recyclable plus the oats are large and kids not liking them as well. The ALDI ones are definitely paper and have gone don well – goes to show sometimes the cheaper the better as they don’t spend money on fancy packaging.

    • Yay, good work! They estimate 10% of the cost of an item is for the packaging, so you’re probably right – cheaper is better! After all, you are paying for the fancy packaging – they aren’t going to give it to us for free, are they?!

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