Plastic Free July: half way mark

I can’t believe I’ve been doing Plastic Free July for two and a half weeks. In some ways it has been life as usual, ie not shopping means not buying plastic wrapped items in the first place (I kind of decided that if I already had it in the house before July then I could use it). When I have been shopping I have tried really hard not to buy plastic wrapped goods but, as I learnt from my internet shopping, this hasn’t always been easy.

So far this past week my Plastic Fails have been:
1. Riverford Meat Box. I blogged here about the heavily packaged cuts of meat. Since then I have emailed Riverford to express my concerns and will keep you posted on their answer.

2. Asda/Flippo Berio Olive Oil. I followed the packaging information on the Asda website when doing my online shopping and, after much research, was pleased to see that the above oil comes in a ‘bottle’ not ‘plastic bottle’. I was really pleased as although it’s pricier than the usual oil I buy I was delighted it came in a glass bottle. But imagine my disappointment when it turned up in a plastic bottle. Although I’ve kept it (and am using it) I have written to Asda and Berio to express my disappointment.


3. My own fails: I had to buy milk in a plastic bottle for work and there are times when I’m still forgetting to go plastic free. So I bought a bottle of lemon and lime fizzy water for my daughter for her school trip. Then realised afterwards what I had done. In the end she didn’t take it so it’s now sitting in the fridge begging to be drunk. But I’m being strong and keeping to my lovely glass carafe of iced water and lemon. Oh and I also ate two bags of crisps without thinking….

But my plastic successes have been:

1. Discovering the lovely Bottle Green’s Blossom Cottage range of cordials. I ordered the Morello Cherry flavour which is lush.


2. Orange juice in a bottle from the milkman (but at £1.25 per pint this isn’t a long term solution)

3. Surprise treats from Asda. As the weather is so hot I’ve been in a real dilemma about lollies and ice creams for the kids. For convenience and cost sake I usually keep a supply in the fridge. But all the lollies are plastic wrapped and I don’t have much luck with making my own. So after some thinking I ordered Asda’s dead cheap choc ices which are paper wrapped, and a block of ice cream packaged in cardboard. We’ve also been experimenting with frozen grapes and ice cold melon chunks. Oh and I treated myself to an Italian ice cream in Bath which, of course, comes in its own edible wrapping (a cone)!

My freezer with some cardboard packaged (no plastic) easy tea solutions

My freezer with some cardboard packaged (no plastic) easy tea solutions

One thought on “Plastic Free July: half way mark

  1. Sounds like your going great! It’s such an eye-opener the first time. Sorry about the oil being in plastic – I hate it when that happens. It’s also annoying when you have a product you like and then they change the packaging. In Perth, they used to sell all Cadburys 200g bars in paper and foil. Plastic free! Then about a year ago, thy switched to plastic. Good thing there’s other delicious (and more ethical) brands that still sell theirs without plastic. It is a little more expensive – but I probably shouldn’t be eating as much as I do anyway! : )

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