Plastic Free July: falling off the plastic free wagon

Well it’s not completely true as I am still trying to go plastic-free but this past week it’s been very hard. I think when it comes down to it you need more time in order to avoid plastic. That is, time to go round different shops making purchases that aren’t wrapped in plastic and time to prepare things at home that won’t use plastic.

Over the past seven days things have been busy here as we get ready for the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer holidays. There are teachers’ cards and presents to buy. I am a volunteer reader at the primary school and wanted to bring in a little end of year gift for my students. My youngest also turns six in August and delights in handing out little edible gifts to her classmates on the last day.

So I found myself this week in Poundland buying plastic bags of plastic wrapped sweets and lollies because I just didn’t have time to bake one hundred and one fairy cakes, or whatever the plastic-free alternative would be. And then once I was off the wagon I ended up buying plastic wrapped cheeses, teabags, butter, dried fruit and soap (we’d run out of the Lush ones),

However I’m pleased to say the teachers’ gifts were small glass bottles of lovely Luscombes lemonade.The personalised thank you cards I ordered from snapfish came with only the tiniest plastic band wrapped around the envelopes, which was a pleasant surprise. I also found a plastic free source of birthday cards from a very cheap card shop in town.

Best of all we went to our local fruit picking farm which is less than a mile from home and picked plastic free raspberries and strawberries. I even bought my own re-usable margarine tubs to collect them in. And when we got home we cooked and pureed some of the fruit to make homemade milkshakes, sipped through paper straws I found in the Kitchens shop in Bath (although they did come packaged in a plastic box).



4 thoughts on “Plastic Free July: falling off the plastic free wagon

  1. I think with giving up plastic, whilst it’s true you need a bit more time, a lot of it comes down to habits…which take a long time sometimes to form, but eventually you do and it gets easier. For example, say you did decide to make your 101 fairy cakes (!), you’d have to find a recipe and figure out what ingredients you need, and yes, it’s a pain. But say you make these 101 fairy cakes every time you need to make a gift. You knows simple recipe that won’t take too long, you know it off by heart, you know it needs two bags flour and two bags sugar that you can get in paper at the local shop…then it’s not such an ordeal. My point is that getting to that point takes time, but it does get easier eventually, I assure you! And if making 101 fairy cakes isn’t your thing, then focus on the stuff that IS your thing!

    And in the meantime, do what you have to do!

    Love the pick-your-own strawberries place. That’s something I can’t find without plastic. I just bought a blueberry bush, but I’m not expecting a bumper crop. I really miss all the berries you find in the UK. Sharing your enjoyment isn’t quite the same!

  2. Thanks for your comment and encouraging words as always! I do so sometimes forget that living in the countryside amid farms there are plastic free sources of food such as strawberries!

  3. I agree it is a challenge – especially when you are under pressure. Sitting here at home reading this I thought of sweets you could make another time, which you might not even need to cook. But it’s all part of the learning curve 🙂

  4. Yes I think the trick is to make things in advance ( even freezing cakes?) and having a tried and tested list of plastic free ‘treats’ that I can use at a moments’ notice

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