Over the past few months I’ve had my suspicions that there may something else living in our wardrobes. I posted here last year about a purple sweater that had holes in it. After  de-cluttering my wardrobe last week I noticed some tell-tale holes in a new sweater I had just bought. Although it was second-hand I was convinced the holes hadn’t been there when I’d bought it from the charity shop (I’m always very careful about checking for tears and marks). So I’m afraid I’ve come to the conclusion that we have moths in our wardrobe!


At first I felt quite ashamed about this, thinking it was a sign of a dirty house. However having done some research I discovered that clothes moths (or their larvae) are becoming increasingly common. They love to dwell in warm, dark spaces with nooks and crannies to settle into. They feast on natural fibres (which explains why they only seemed to be munching their way through my jumpers). They also love dirty clothes and, if you have lots of unused items hanging for months at a time, it’s even better as they don’t get disturbed. According to experts buying second-hand clothing doesn’t help at all (oops) as these may carry the moth larvae with them!

So, having read all the reasons behind my moth infestation I decided to tackle the problem. Having recently de-cluttered my closet made it easier to give every corner a blooming good vacuum. I also washed all my woollen jumpers and cardigans and shook out all the other clothes hanging up. I am now leaving the wardrobe doors open to make them cooler and lighter. Finally I have invested in mothballs! They do smell of old ladies’ clothes but I have added some sprigs of lavender which are also meant to deter the moths.


We’ll see how successful I am over the next few months. Historically the moth larvae would die off in the winter but now that we have central heating this is no longer the case. In the meantime I will get out my needle and thread and start to patch those holes…

6 thoughts on “Moths!!

  1. lethally says:

    I suspect we have moths in our wardrobe too – one of my hoodies has holes exactly like those in the pic you share. I may have to take action on this…

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