Project 333 Part Two: the shopping haul

As I mentioned in my previous post I’m trying to follow Project 333 where I pare my wardrobe down to just 33 items for the next three months. So far my list is 37. But having sorted through my wardrobe I realised I needed to buy more clothes if everything was going to match and be inter changeable. So off I went to do some second-hand shopping and came back with these:

Teal coloured jumper and burgundy long sleeve t-shirt

Teal coloured jumper and burgundy long sleeve t-shirt

These tops cost a total of £4 (the t-shirt was even reduce to £1).

I deliberated over this stripy jumper (£3) as, strictly speaking, you shouldn’t have patterns in your capsule wardrobe. However I really liked the cut of it and it does still match all my trousers:


My final purchase was first-hand from Gap – but still in the sale (£14.99). I’ve been looking for a blue shirt for ages and I love this one:


So, ironically, this has increased my wardrobe to 41 items. I need to now reduce it by eight items.

Funnily enough since starting Project 333 I have not run out of things to wear and I know there are still items that I haven’t even put on. The weather this month, though, has been unseasonably warm and I have still been turning to my few transitional pieces (dress, short sleeved cardigan, sandals). So there are quite a few items (thick jumpers, winter coats) that I haven’t even touched. As we head towards October I think I will make my final decisions about what to keep and what to put away/re-donate so that I can tuly have just 33 items in my closet.

5 thoughts on “Project 333 Part Two: the shopping haul

  1. I’ve got LOTS of pattern in my capsule wardrobe and it works fine. Just go with what you like and want to wear. If you like something and will wear it, put it in your capsule wardrobe.

    Where I got into trouble before I found the Project 333 was I was falling for the standard “you must have this classic” and “you must have that classic” lines that the fashion magazines kept saying. But none of the classics actually worked for me. Patterns do. Vintage does. Bright and funky does.

    So when I actually started the Project 333 I decided to go with what actually *works* for me, and now, as a result, I’m finding that because I’ve ignore the whole “classics” line, I’m actually dressing a whole lot better. Plain white shirts don’t work for me. Blazers don’t work for me. Pencil skirts don’t work for me. Black turtlenecks DEFINITELY don’t work for me!

    So just figure out what works for you and go with it 🙂

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