Plastic Free July: what I’ve been doing since

You may remember I took part in the Plastic Free July initiative and tried to reduce/cut out my consumption of single use plastic. This had mixed results and, in my last post on the subject here, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to commit to going plastic free for a whole month again. Now a couple of months have passed I’m able to take a step back and look at those things which I am still doing to avoid plastic waste:

1. Taking lots of reusable bags when shopping, refusing plastic carriers

2. I bought this brilliant leak-proof bottle from Lakeland. I took it on holiday and found it worked equally well for keeping cold drinks cool and – as we were in a wet and windy Scotland – kept hot drinks really warm. Also no leaks!


3. I’ve continued to get our milk delivered in glass bottles, but cancelled the orange juice as it was too pricey. I’m having second thoughts about our veg box as a lot of it isn’t being eaten in our house. I’m beginning to think that shopping at a local greengrocers where I can use either their paper bags, or none at all, may be a better (and cheaper) option.

4. I’ve really enjoyed rediscovering bars of soap. When in Scotland I bought some lovely handmade soaps from the Isle of Mull (I particularly loved the Lavender & Mint one).  I’ve also used Neal’s Yard’s Orange and Geranium soap and plenty of products from Lush, incl soap, body scrub, shampoo and conditioner. My latest discovery is from Faith in Nature. I’m using the tea tree one as a general hand soap and the grapefruit one in the shower. These are well made products and, so far, the soap has not fallen apart as much as the other ones did. I picked these up without any packaging in our local health food store, although I see on the website they come shrink wrapped in plastic, which is a shame.


Faith in Nature grapefruit soap, Lush containers of solid shampoo and conditioner

Buying soap this way is more expensive than a 99p plastic bottle of shower gel. However I love the fact that they produce no packaging (or the cardboard boxes can be recycled/composted). It’s also a nice bath time treat and I believe I’m smelling even nicer!!

4 thoughts on “Plastic Free July: what I’ve been doing since

  1. Sounds like you’re doing really well with going plastic-free! Thanks for the soap links, I’m always looking for new natural soap to try, and the ones on the Isle of Mull website look great 🙂

  2. Sounds like you are avoiding a lot of plastic. Neals Yard used to do a lot more in glass but have gone over to plastic bottles (for safety), which is a shame (though there is a point about glass round baths).

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