Project 333 – how’s it going?

[apologies if anyone received the Project 333 post a few times – the gremlins from the Polyvore website got into my blog as I stupidly clicked the wrong thing!]

Last month I embarked on Project 333 in an attempt to pare down my wardrobe to just 33 items (incl coats, footwear and accessories).

It’s been a longer process than I imagined partly because a) the weather last month was so much warmer than expected (the driest September in the UK since records began) and b) I had to go shopping to buy a couple more items of clothing.

Now that I have filled the gap in my wardrobe with a few second-hand items here, and the weather has definitely become more Autumnal I feel ready to reveal my Project 333 wardrobe. According to the official website this should last until 1st January 2015 (apparently the Fall Season for Project 333 started at the beginning of this month so I was slightly ahead of myself).

With the help(?) of the Polyvore site I have attempted to copy my wardrobe as much as possible to the following page. These aren’t the exact clothes in my closet but they’re pretty good matches:

Project 333 (and a bit) Autumn/Winter 2014

If you do the maths you will see that I actually have 36 items in my wardrobe – and I’m afraid I haven’t counted any woolly scarves, hats, gloves, wellies, belts, bags or jewellery. While I found sorting through most of my wardrobe to be a fairly easy job the last few items to get rid of were harder. As I’m a newbie to this project and as Autumn/Winter demands more layers I’m going to be easy on myself this time.

There are a few things I have learnt so far from doing this project:

1) It’s hard to pre-guess what weather the season will bring. If I had started at the beginning of this month I would have been better prepared to know what jumpers and trousers to wear.

2) Conversely there are some things I know this season will bring, ie Christmas. So I have sort of cheated and, despite having two serviceable evening dresses (green long sleeve and lbd) I have a blue evening dress (and shoes) on standby which I haven’t counted.

3) I have been reunited with a dress that I very nearly discarded! Earlier in the year I bought  this second-hand burgundy dress, originally from Next:


I hadn’t worn it as much as expected and was ready to store it away when I started to combine it with some of the other clothing I had already chosen for 333 (white shirt, brown cardigan, green cardigan). It all seemed to fit and, as a sleeveless dress, I realised there was also a wide range of possibilities as to how to style it (as a pinafore with a shirt, with a jumper so that it looks like a skirt, or as a sleeveless evening dress). The colour also helped to liven up a slightly dull pallette of greys and browns….

4) … which leads me onto my last point. While dressing has definitely been easier (four weeks in and I still don’t have a problem with choosing what to wear as everything matches), there is less ‘quirkiness’ to my outfits. I do like to mix and match interesting patterns and pieces and I find that at the moment my clothes are looking a little, well, boring. BUT I have a wide choice of brightly coloured tights (which aren’t counted) and it may be a matter of using interesting colour combinations (burgundy and green, cobalt blue and grey) to add my own twist to Project 333.

5) one final point I must add to my discoveries – with less clothes you have to do more washing so you don’t run out!!

I havent completely decided if a pared down wardrobe is the way to go. When I look at some extreme closets of ten items I do baulk, although the wearers do seem to have great style (see Bea Johnson of Zero Waste Home). But getting dressed is easier and there is way more space in my closet. I also don’t need to be thinking about the next ‘must have’ item of clothing or selecting an outfit for Christmas. Instead I can be smug in knowing everything I need to wear until the New Year is alreadyn under my roof.

(an interesting note to add: when the Polyvore gremlins briefly got into my blog all my tags got changed to reflect the clothing I had chosen for Project 333 board. I had to painstakingly remove them but had to laugh as I replaced labels such as Dolce and Gabanna, Max Mara and Yves Saint Laurent with my usual tags of Oxfam, Dorothy House and other charity shops!)

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