One big reason why I’m de-cluttering..

for sale

I have been rather obsessed with minimalism and de-cluttering recently. If you’ve read some of last month’s posts you’ll know that I have started to De-clutter for Christmas. Having seen The Minimalists on their recent book tour I have become even more interested in minimalism. When Jen from my make do and mend year blog decided to take on the Minimalism Game and encourage others to join her in a 30 day de-clutter challenge I had to sign up.

The idea is that, since the beginning of November, all participants have to get rid of unwanted items every day. The catch is that the number of items goes up incrementally so:
Day One – get rid of one item
Day Two – get ride of two items
Day Three – get rid of three items and so on.

Since 1st November I have been tidying, sorting, stuffing things in bags and then donating and selling. I had started to write a list of everything I was giving away:

1st November: one kid’s bike

2nd: two cot bed duvets plus covers

3rd: three games

4th: four bags of children’s clothes

Then everything changed last week when my husband and I went to see a house for sale down the road and decided to put our house on the market!

Now this is a game we have played before as we have tried, in the past, to sell our house and move to this particular road with larger houses. Yes I know minimalism is about making do with what you have and not aspiring to possess the bigger and better things. However from this post you will know that we are a family of five in a very small cottage and the house we want is still affordable.

So we are going to give it another shot and, having already de-cluttered A LOT this month, and last, I found it so much easier and stress-free getting our house ready for the sale. In fact we were able to get our house ‘photo ready’ for the estate agent’s photos within 24 hours and on the market within 48 hours. Had our house been stuffed with furniture, children’s toys and games, clothing and kitchen appliances this would have been so much harder to achieve.

Now I promise I won’t bore readers with any more house selling news but there is even more reason to de-clutter over the next few months, no matter what happens…



2 thoughts on “One big reason why I’m de-cluttering..

  1. Brilliant for keeping up the declutter regime! I didn’t even get started really, though I’ve just listed my first item on Ebay for a long time😊. Good luck with selling your house.

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