#SecondhandFirst Week

TRAID is a really interesting clothing charity that works to encourage people to wear second-hand clothing and campaigns for better working conditions in the textile industry. I first came across them through their small chain of charity shops in London where they sell second-hand, and re-fashioned, clothing.

One of their big campaigns is getting people to wear more second-hand clothing and this week sees their SecondhandFirstWeek (17-23 November). If you live in the London area there are lots of events organised for this week to encourage people to wear pre-loved clothing, mend and upcycle garments.

Today is Day Two and I have pledged to support this campaign by wearing 90% of my clothing as second-hand. This is fairly easy for me to do as most of my wardrobe is second-hand (although I’ve drawn the line at underwear).

Below is what I wore yesterday:


(The brown cords are from a clothes swap, the teal jumper was bought earlier this year)

And today:



(The jeans are first-hand but they have been mended and patched so often they feel second-hand. Technically, though, the pre-loved items are the belt (my Dad’s),brown polo neck (from Oxfam) and the lovely warm brown wrap cardigan which belonged to a friend).

I will also be wearing a lot of this coat this week:


This gorgeous orange coat (originally from Sainsburys) was picked up earlier this year in a charity shop in Bath. Every time I wear it I recieve compliments on its colour. Out of my three winter/waterproof coats only one was bought brand new and I have to say that’s the one I wear least.

By looking at the second-hand content of my clost I have realised that none of my footwear is second-hand. This is an area I need to explore further although I still have my doubts about re-using shoes.

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