Breadmaker Part Two

About eighteen months ago I blogged here about our new second-hand breadmaker that we had bought for £10 from the local Dorothy House electrical shop. The breadmaker was an unusual make (Bellini) and came without instructions but made a decent simple loaf.

However a couple of months ago it stopped working and we were unable to fix it. I had just started to get fed up with eating store-bought bread again when my mum picked up this fantastic second-hand Breville breadmaker for £15.



It came from the British Heart Foundation electrical store in Chippenham and, this time, it has an instruction book. This model seems more sophisticated than the Bellini as we can make different size loaves. So far we’ve baked some simple bread but I hope to be tackling Italian bread and fruit loaves soon.

I love these electrical appliances shops and I think they’re a great tip for finding second-hand kitchen accessories, such as coffee makersand food processors. All the electrical items are PAT tested and my breadmaker came with a six month warranty. Not bad.

4 thoughts on “Breadmaker Part Two

  1. Yes, the British Heart Foundation is a good place to source electrical items. My parents got a DVD player for my daughter via that route. Good for us and good for the charity😊.

    • Love to find your blog! Inspiring with the breadmaker. I have also found a lot of things second hand! I also blog about it trying to inspire others for example with second hand clothes. Keep up the good work!

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