Books: de-cluttering and re-reading

I wrote last month here about my attempt to reduce the 300 plus books we have on our bookshelves. I attempted to do this by donating to charity shops, selling some and re-reading those books that I just couldn’t part with.

In the past I have listed those second-hand books that I have acquired over the month. This time, however, I’m going to record those books I have got rid off, or attempted to re-read over the past thirty days or so.

So far I’ve put two large carrier bags of adult and children books in the Oxfam book bank. I have also donated another bag of children’s books to a local charity shop. I’m also attempting to sell half a dozen craft books that are in good condition but which I just don’t use. This is harder as they are beautiful books and I feel rather sad I haven’t made anything from them – as much as I had intended to. But getting rid of things means being honest with myself and I know I won’t ever use them.

As well as getting rid of books I have started, as promised, to re-read the bookshelf. For some reason this has involved re-discovering some favourites from childhood which I have enjoyed dipping into. First of all, the ‘Little House on the Prairie’ series:


I absolutely loved these books as a kid and still enjoy reading them from time to time. Maybe there’s something comforting about curling up with a familiar book at this time of the year. Which also brings me to a book I have loved forever and will always keep with me, even though it’s rather battered:


As a small child I loved the ‘Little Grey Rabbit’ series by Alison Uttley and when I was older I came across this partly autobiographical tale of a  girl growing up on a farm at some point in the Victorian era. I love that the book takes you through a year on the farm and includes old traditions and a way of life that is long gone. There is also something bittersweet about it as Susan, the main character, is an only, and sometimes, lonely child. The description of her walking the four miles to and from school every day is a rather eerie one, especially when she enters the old wood with only a lantern to guide her.

It’s been great re-discovering these favourites and something I intend to do more of as I re-read the bookshelf.


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