My 100th post! What I’ve learnt about blogging

credit: katielips

credit: katielips

This is my 100th post! Having started this blog last Spring and – with some erratic scheduling of posts – I have reached the one hundred mark. It’s quite timely as we approach the end of the year and begin to look back at the past twelve months. I thought I would contemplate on my past 99 entries and what this blog has taught me…

This is my second – and perhaps more successful blog

I used to  write a family-centred blog for a few years. However as my children grew older I became more reluctant to include them in my blog entries. Yet I really enjoyed the writing and creating process of blogging and, coupled with my love of all things second-hand,  this blog was born.

I am an erratic blogger

I do try to discipline myself to write at least a couple of entries a week but sometimes life just gets in the way and there are too many other things to do. I also like to research then write my entries so I’m not very good at firing off quick posts. There are also times when I have nothing relevant to write about…

I have met some really interesting, creative and generous bloggers

I have actually met some real-life bloggers through this process. They have been inspirational, helpful and kind and some have become actual friends. I’m quite honest in admitting I have stolen a few ideas – such as Repair Cafes – from Jen at my make do and mend year blog. I’m also amazed when anyone comments on my blog that they have met me, but then again I’m amazed when people have actually my read my blog!

Repair Cafe

Repair Cafe


I have taken on new challenges

Through blogging – and following other blogs – I have come across new challenges which I have taken part in. From Plastic Free July to the Mins Game and Slow Fashion Challenge month I have learnt so much. Some projects I have enjoyed taking part in, some I have failed at and others I’m still not sure about (I plan to post a Project 333 review soon).

a (mostly) second-hand outfit which I wore for #Secondhand First challenge run by TRAID. Alas I never finished the week as I came down with a bad cold

a (mostly) second-hand outfit which I wore for #Secondhand First challenge run by TRAID.

Having learnt a few things I know there are other things I want to do better. So my New Year’s Resolutions for blogging (or what I plan to do for my next 100 posts) is:

Try to post more regularly

Carry on with the ‘Second-Hand shopping in…’ series

Maybe take some more pics of me wearing my second-hand clothes (although I’m rather camera shy)

Carry on enjoying my blogging, ‘meeting’ new, interesting and inspirational bloggers and blog readers, and not pressure myself to take on too many challenges.Diamond-2015-text-vector

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