Project 333: the first three months.

cr103 / / CC BY 3.0

This Thursday (1st Jan) sees the end of my first phase of Project 333, the project aimed at reducing a wardrobe to just 33 items. I started taking part in September and I can’t believe it’s been three months (the project changes every quarter, hence the ‘333’ title). The weather here has taken me from (unseasonably) warm t-shirts, sleeveless dresses and leggings in September to downright cold and frosty in December.

It has been quite a challenge to keep within the 33 items rule and accommodate such a change in temperatures. I have also been a rather ‘fair weather’ participant as I have worn more than 33 items and, over the past month, bought more clothes down from the loft and even picked up a new (to me) grey sweater which I am now living in.

I’m still not decided if Project 333 is for me but these are the things I have learnt from the past season:

– It has definitely been easier to get dressed in the morning as nearly everything matches in my wardrobe

– Having fewer clothes means I have had to wash them more often

– At first I enjoyed not visiting clothing shops but I am now itching to get back to second-hand shopping – or at least browsing for interesting outfits

– SurprisinglyI have not worn all the items in my wardrobe as they have not matched (see below). And I have also missed other items which were packaged away in the loft.

I have decided to carry on with 333 as I like the simplicity of it but there are some clothes I have painfully decided to part with (which is one of the aims of the project). These are:

IMG_9180 brown and pale blue patterned cord skirt. Originally bought from Oasis over 10 years ago. I have kept it in my wardrobe because I like it and it’s slightly unusual BUT it goes with very little clothing that I have.


Beige striped jumper. I bought this second hand only at the start of my current Project 333 when I realised I actually had gaps in my wardrobe. But I got bleach on the sleeve and it just feels very dull when I wear it, and I can’t wear as much with it as I thought.


Green 1970s dress. I bought it to wear last New Year’s Eve and absolutely loved it. It’s original 1970s and, at the time, it fitted beautifully. However it has since shrunk in the wash and is just too tight. I won’t donate it, though, as I have a box of special clothes I keep for my girls to wear one day.

I’m going to spend the next couple of days going through both my current wardrobe and those items stored away. I need to decided what colours I want to use (both neutrals and brighter colours) and if there are any gaps. One of the best minimalist wardrobe blogs I have come across is Minimalist Beauty who lists the contents of her capsule wardrobe as she moves through the seasons (a lot of her stuff is thrifted too).

But I still want to be on the lookout for those unusual second-hand items that I love to pick up and that may not go with anything at all which is a complete contradiction I know!