Back to school: Project 333 goes primary


I have decided to carry on with my second attempt at Project 333. For the next three months I intend to limit my wardrobe to just 33 items (incl coats and shoes). I blogged here and here about my first experience with the project last Autumn and Winter.

What I like about Project 333 is limiting my choices and being forced to re-assess what I really need. So for this next installemnt I will be getting  rid of all the browns and beiges which were starting to bore me (one of the things I don’t like about the Project is that clothes can be rather samey).

This time I’m going for greys and blacks which I have a lot of. Because most of my clothes shopping is done in charity shops I do tend to pick up a lot of these colours.

Because it’s January and my mood needs lifiting I have decided to add lots of bright primary colours to lift the blacks and greys. I was given a couple of things for Christmas (including the red pussy bow blouse) and also some money which I spent yesterday. The results are below:


Actually only the yellow skirt is new (from H&M). I’ve never bought yellow before but it was really calling to me. I like wearing orange and the citrus colours seem to appeal to me. The yellow tights came from the children’s department (!) of Marks and Spencer and were £2 in the sale. These will go well with blues, blacks or greys and, of course, the yellow beads I picked up second-hand in Windsor.

I did have a good browse around Bath’s charity shops as well but because I was looking for specfic items and colours I found this harder. Because Project 333 is making me focus on buying clothes that match or complement I’ve found that my sporadic shopping technique has to change. This is where charity shops can work – or not:

– Because they are not constrained by colours and styles that are currently ‘in’ these shops have a wider range.

– About half of the charity shops I visited yesterday weren’t even constrained by the seasons and, had I been more organised, I could have picked up some great summer clothes!

– You can’t be too prescriptive when shopping second-hand, which is where it can falter. For the past eighteen months I’ve been searching for a yellow belt but have failed to find one anywhere.

– Charity shops only stock one of a kind items. Yes, this is why I love second-hand clothes as it makes them unique. However it can be really frustrating if something isn’t in your size. Yesterday I hesitated on buying a cobalt blue jumper and when I returned to the shop it had gone!

I did, however, pick up this great jumper which cost £4.99 from the British Heart Foundation shop:


Here it is being worn with my blue jeans:


It’s originally from Oasis and I love the zip detail at the back.  I also bought a new black polo neck for £4.99 from the same shop to replace an old one.

At present I have 33 items (if you count scarves and necklace). I feel there may be a couple of gaps and am rather nervous as I’ve reduced the number of trousers and dresses in my wardrobe. I’m more confident, however, that the clothes I have will make me enjoy this project more as I can still add an individual touch with the primary colours.



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