Second-hand veg – or using up the leftovers


using up the veg box

This has been on my mind lately. Once a fortnight we get a veg and fruit box delivered. This time of year is a ‘lean time’ in the vegetable growing world before the Spring harvest comes into its own. As a result there are a lot of roots and a lot of leafy green veg that only I seem to be eating. Also if I’m not careful the chard, kale and spring greens seem to wilt very quickly.

Last week I read a post from silverbells steps out about her compost bin which, at this time of year, has very little green waste.  I compared this with my own which is full to the brim. This is partly due to the fact that at this time of year it doesn’t get any heat and so finds it harder to break the food waste down. It is also because I am stuffing it with all our greens. I have a terrible habit of believing that I can let food go to waste because I can ease my green conscience by putting it in the compost bin.

This seems such a waste of money and food. According to the Love Food Hate Waste campaign seven million tonnes of food is wasted in UK households each year.

So this week I’ve put my apron on and started cooking and baking to use up the fruit and veg that is wilting in my house.

So far I’ve used scraps to make a vegetable stock:

using leftover veg to make stock

With this stock I’ve made a (sort of) potato and leek soup (with extra broccoli and the dreaded chard).

rather unappetising photo of leek and potato soup!

rather unappetising photo of leek and potato soup!

Tomorrow I will be making carrot and coriander with some very sad looking carrots.Yesterday I used up half a pineapple and some mouldy bananas to make a lovely sticky cake which I served as pudding. (Recipe here)

I’m also trying my best to increase the life expectancy of some other greenery. I’ve put lettuce leaves in a tupperware container with a piece of kitchen paper. I’ve also placed parsley and coriander in these jam jars then placed in the fridge.

keeping store bought herbs for longer

I’m also following some tips from Silverbells which includes not peeling my veg. I hope that by making more of an effort to use up all the veg we can leave this over-full compost bin alone for a while.

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