Supermarket Free Lent: Days 1-6

As I mentioned in a previous post I am following Westy Writes and other bloggers by taking part in Supermarket Free Lent. I have found this first week to be fairly easy as I have quite a few supplies left over from a large supermarket delivery earlier in the month.

However there were a few things I had to buy over the past few days. Namely:

Supermarket Free Lent Days 1-6: sourcing cake ingredients

sourcing ingredients for my daughter’s birthday cake. I bought the eggs (£1.29) from our local newsagents which offers a 10p discount if you bring your own box. The icing and vanilla flavouring was bought at our village Costcutters shop.

At the weekend I took a trip into our nearest market town which has a good choice of small independent shops, in particular a great butchers and greengrocers. I had a list with ten items on it but, alas, could locate only six that could be purchased outside the supermarket (or whose price was prohibitive).

Supermarket Free Lent 2015

I picked up the loo roll and sugar from a cheap factory shop. (I had wanted caster sugar but can always grind down the granulated sugar for this). The sink unblocker was from the hardware store. The pepper and onions were from the greengrocers who provide paper bags to put veggies in.

The cereal was from the health food store which I think I will find to be a great source of non-supermarket goods. However it’s really expensive (more than £2.50) and has already been finished off in our house. I think I’m going to struggle with sourcing supermarket free cereal over the next few weeks. It’s something we eat a lot of and there seem to be very few places to buy it, except the more expensive options. I think we may resort to more porridge oats and I may try my hand at making granola again. Any suggestions for where we can source cereal away from the supermarkets would be gratefully received.

Also, not pictured (because we drank it) was a bottle of white wine which I bought at the deli for £8.40. I didn’t mind paying the price too much as we were taking it to friends but I think I may be cutting down on my drinking for Lent too.

It definitely took longer to shop without visiting the supermarket, although I enjoyed pottering from one shop to another. If I had the children in tow this might have not been so easier. I will also reserve judgement as to whether it’s more expensive to shop outside the supermarkets until the end of Lent.

2 thoughts on “Supermarket Free Lent: Days 1-6

  1. It sounds like you had a fun time searching for all the different ingredients you needed for your daughters Birthday cake. Did you daughter enjoy her homemade birthday cake? I am looking forward to reading your journey on how you get with being supermarket free.

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