They say that yellow is a very tricky colour to wear and I would agree. With my skin tone I wouldn’t dare go near it, except….. it’s such a joyous colour!  It seems to be full of promise: you feel brighter wearing it and it illuminates a dull day. It’s no wonder that yellow is one of the colours associated with early Spring, when primroses and daffodils begin to grow and the sun comes out. (I’ll try not to be too poetic here and leave the ‘host of golden daffodils’ to Wordsworth).

Whether it’s because yellow toned clothing reflects the optimistic hues of nature – or it just promises to be good fun and break the rules – I’m not sure. However when I saw this yellow skirt on sale at the beginning of this year I had to buy it to liven up my wardrobe.

Yellow skirt

Since then I have also acquired a yellow beaded necklace and skinny belt (both second-hand) to add small touches of colour to my outfits:

Yellow accessories

According to colour therapists yellow is associated with joy, cheerfulness, intellect and energy. I don’t always possess these qualities yet when I wear the colour it definitely makes me feel happier, and a little daring (probably because it’s so eye catching). And although I’m sensible enough not to wear it near my face there are many times when I will return to the one citrus colour that I can wear with confidence: orange.

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