Project 333: Winter/Spring 2015

Project 333: Winter/Spring 2015

Today marks the end of the latest installment of Project 333,whereby I only wear 33 items for three months. This is my second ‘season’ and I am starting to gain more from it.

I started this latest installment of Project 333 on 1st January and so the clothes I chose had to see me through the winter (no snow this year but still cold) and the faint beginnings of Spring. I have cheated a couple of times and worn clothes outside of the 33 allocated to me (for example a summer-ish dress a couple of weeks ago because it was warm at work). However I’ve actually found that I haven’t even worn all of the items I chose for this period.

In total I have 30 items of clothing, shoes and coats (plus three accessories which I barely wore although I didn’t included wool hats, scarves and gloves in this project). The rest of my clothes were stored away for the season.

Since January I have worn:

Four pairs of trousers. The jeans at the bottom of the pile were bought second-hand last month to replace another pair that were falling apart. Note: the blue skinny jeans, teal and black trousers were bought new.

Project 333: trousers for Winter/Spring 2015

Seven jumpers. The bottom two are thick cowl necked jumpers. I then have two thinner polo necks, followed by grey and red wide neck jumpers and topped with a teal coloured v-neck jumper.  I barely wore the wide neck grey jumper so could have managed without that. Also not shown are two cardigans: blue button up and grey wrap-style cardi; and one long cobalt blue jumper. Note: all jumpers and cardigans, except grey wide neck one, are second-hand.

Project 333: jumpers for Winter/Spring 2015

Three shirts. I thought I would wear more of the red pussy bow blouse but the material was just too thin to wear over the winter. Also not shown are two long sleeved t-shirts in white and burgundy (note: the latter is second-hand, as is the white blouse in the picture).

Project 333: shirts for Winter/Spring 2015

Two dresses and two skirts. The second-hand burgundy dress proved to be a real work-horse this season. I wore it a lot teamed with white blouse/black polo neck/red jumper as a pinafore style dress OR with a heavier grey, red or blue jumper over it so that it was worn more as a skirt. My LBD (Little Black Dress) was saved for smarter occasions. or worn as a long tunic over the black trousers. The yellow skirt (bought this season from H&M) was a great pop of colour and I really enjoyed wearing it with black, blue or burgundy tops – and tights. The second-hand grey skirt is warm and one to wear with lots of layers and heavy boots.

Project 333 Winter 2015: skirts and dresses

I also had four pairs of shoes and three coats (not pictured).

I definitely enjoyed taking part in Project 333 this time. I found it easier to choose outfits and felt that I made more pieces work together. My previous fears that Project 333 had restricted my style have been allayed. I think that the use of brighter primary colours has really helped to lift the neutral colours so that I can still add some brightness/quirky touches to my outfits.

My next challenge is to choose a wardrobe to take me through Spring into early Summer – I may need a crystal ball to predict what the English summer has in store for us, though!


4 thoughts on “Project 333: Winter/Spring 2015

  1. Ah, 33 items for three months. So now I know. Good luck with this – it looks like a really good challenge. The Six Items Challenge allowed lots of additional items (coats, shoes etc didn’t count in the core six items) so it probably wasn’t as stringent as it sounds. Anyway, I’ll be very interested to see how you get on. Best of luck!

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