Vinyl roundup; Record Store Day and UK’s first vinyl charts launched

Our vinyl collecting has slowed down lately although we are still scouring the charity shops. Over the past year it seems that more second hand shops are stocking donated records but the prices still vary greatly. We spotted a U2 album (The Joshua Tree) for £6 in a charity shop in Glastonbury last weekend. Yet my husband was able to pick up this early edition of Now That’s What I call Music for £1 from another shop. It’s a double album and in perfect condition.


Last week we invited friends round for a Record Player Evening. Many of my friends have kept their vinyl collection but given away their record players. It’s a great excuse to get together and reacquaint ourselves with some great (and cringeworthy) music from the 70s and 80s. I rediscovered some great music and now I can’t stop playing my friend’s Simple Minds’ album One Upon a Time. Sadly I had this on cassette which I got rid of long ago (does anyone have a cassette player in their house anymore?). But I’d forgotten how much I’d listened to it as a teenager and after thirty (!) years I can still remember most of the words.

Vinyl roundup: Simple Minds

By the 1990s most of  my friends had moved onto cassette tapes and then CDs. This is a real shame – there’s nothing like playing vinyl and the album covers are so much more interesting.

BUT this week sees the launch of the UK’s first ever weekly vinyl chart. Record sales have increased at an amazing pace over the past seven years. Last year sales reached 1.29 million and album sales are expected to increase by 70% this year. This Saturday also sees the eighth Record Store Day in the UK celebrating all independent record shops. For a list of your local participating record retailer see here

A friend from work has just acquired a vintage portable record player from a local car boot sale. As we work in an Arts Centre this seems a great venue to set up a vinyl evening so we will be getting our heads together to work out how we can achieve this and keep spreading the love of vinyl….



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