What to wear as a Green Party supporter at tonight’s election count?

While I never want to discuss politics on this blog it may be obvious that I am concerned with ‘Green’ issues. I promise that this will be my only post on the General Election but I had to include a rather frivolous piece entitled: ‘what to wear when your other half is standing as a candidate for the Green Party?’
This is the second time my husband has stood as a parliamentary candidate for the Green Party in North Wiltshire. He has worked bloomin’ hard for the past few months, handing out leaflets, knocking on doors and speaking at election hustings. Now all the hard work culminates in an overnight election count at a local leisure centre, where the result probably won’t come in until after 4am. There will be lots of tension, passion and sandwiches and I need to wear something comfortable and maybe sort of smartish. I could wear my green dress but that’s a bit obvious. However I desperately want to wear something second-hand, which kind of sums up who I am and what I believe in. So when I came across the White Company pinafore in Oxfam last week I knew that would do the job:

comfortable clothing to wear for an all-night election count

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