Clothes Swap Party

Clothes Swap PartyThis Friday a friend and I are running a Clothes Swap Party. We organised one a couple of years ago which raised money for local charities. Since then we have been asked, on many occasions, when we will be running the next one. It’s taken over two years but we finally organised another.

The way our Clothes Swaps run is very laidback.There are no formal ‘Swishing’ rules. We don’t stipulate how many items someone should donate. We don’t have a ‘viewing period’ in which people are allowed to look but not pick. Instead it’s a rather casual affair. We find that there is always more clothing left over than we know what to do with. Everyone is very polite and affable as they browse the rails with a glass (or two) in hand.It’s a sociable experience where we get to catch up with each other, have a giggle as we try clothes on and – hopefully – come away with some new outfits.

This year we’ll be charging a £5 admission which will go to the two charities again. But once people have paid they are welcome to take as many items as they wish.

The bags of donated clothing are already piling up in my house but as I am now on strict Project 333 diet I have to be very self disciplined not to rummage through them. I do have a small ‘shopping’ list of items I would like to replace older ones (ie white t-shirt, blue t-shirt) but I’ll have to see what’s available on the night…

Clothes Swap Party

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