Project 333 – the Summer version

So I have struggled with the latest installment of Project 333. The weather has been warm and then bloomin’ cold again (windy, showery and 13 degrees C today). While I have gone through my wardrobe and brought out some summery clothes I find that I’ve also reverted to winter clothing. But after nearly two months’ of procrastination I think I’m finally ready to reveal my summer wardrobe a la Project 333.

Items 1-7:

Three ‘neutral’ dresses: my hardworking burgundy pinafore, black dress and blue linen smock dress. One grey skirt and one red tunic (can be worn on its own, with jeans or leggings). Two patterned dresses which are probably the hardest to mix and match but I really like them and receive lots of compliments when I wear them.

Items 8-16: Black, white and grey t-shirts/blouses and a collection of long sleeve tops/shirts in blue, khaki, red and plum. Plus (not seen) Items 17-19: vest tops in black and blue, navy blue t-shirt.

Items 20-25: Jumpers and cardigans in blue, grey, purple and black



Items 26-30: 3 pairs of trousers in beige, teal and  blue plus jeans and leggings.

Project 333 Summer 2015

Items 31-35 (oops): 5 pairs of shoes:

Project 333 Summer 2015


Plus I also have two coats and two scarves. So I have sort of gone over the 33 items limit and there may also be some days where I wear shorts (wishful thinking!). But I plan on taking this latest instalment through to the end of July. In August we will be travelling around Europe so my wardrobe will change for that. As we will be travelling by train with backpacks I will have to really limit what I am taking. But this is wear Project 333 comes in handy: I’m used to limiting my wardrobe and getting the most out of it so packing for a three week trip should be a breeze?!







3 thoughts on “Project 333 – the Summer version

  1. I’ve definitely found packing for trips a lot easier since limiting my wardrobe. I think it’s not only about having less to choose from, but also more of an awareness of how you can pack clothes that combine well together. Previously, I’d chuck a load of stuff in my suitcase without really giving much thought to what went together, but on my last holiday to Sri Lanka, I found I’d pack just the right amount of clothes and left at home tops that would only go with a certain pair of trousers or a particular skirt. As when you’re at home, having a capsule wardrobe when you’re on holiday takes away the hassle of deciding what to wear too!

    • I’m really hoping the packing is easier with a small wardrobe. We just went away for a couple of nights and I found that, like you, packing things that went with each other was so much better – oh and lots of potential layers (ie leggings that could be worn under jeans) as we were camping and it’s still cold at night!

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