Clothes Swap update


A couple of weeks ago we held a Clothes Swap Party to raise funds for a couple of local charities. Once again we were inundated with good quality women’s clothing, great names and in excellent condition. However as we held the party on the eve of the Bank Holiday weekend (and the start of the school’s half term holiday) we had a really small attendance.

Still we raised money for the charities and those who attended had an amazing choice of clothes to try on and take home – all for a £5 donation! As I’m still trying to stick to my Project 333 ‘diet’ I was very restrained and only took home two tops and a dress which I think I will wear in the winter.

clothes swap party 'haul'


clothes swap party 'haul'

I’m really pleased with the vest top and t-shirt as they will go to replace older items I had in my current Project 333 wardrobe. Now the weather has finally turned warmer (apart from two cold wet days at the beginning of the week) I am really enjoying this season’s wardrobe as everything seems to match. At the beginning of the half term holidays we went camping for three days and I packed hardly anything as everything I took could be matched and layered with each other. It also helped that the weather was good as I’m a bit of a fair weather camper when it comes to camping in May!


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