Second-hand fashion at festivals

My festival look - lots of waterproofs!

My festival look – lots of waterproofs!


So Mr Second-Hand has gone off to Glastonbury. He will be enjoying the festival with friends but will also be a ‘performer’ in his own right, giving a talk on his “Blacklisted” book. There seems to be a lot of planning that goes into this festival trip. There have been a few ‘meetings’ down the pub while the six of them discuss an oufit theme for each night. This has then led to Mr Second-Hand borrowing a tux from a friend, delving into our 80s party dressing up bag and securing a great fake fur coat for £25.

The latter came from the excellent Jack and Danny’s emporium on Walcot Street in Bath. They will be running a stall at Glastonbury if anyone is in the vicinity. In the past I have picked up a great 1970s summer dress (in a Margot Leadbetter style) from there, plus a lovely leather-style tan waistcoat for the Mr. I am only sorry I don’t have a pic of his fur coat but this went on ahead of him at the weekend to stay in the caravan on site.

Jack and Dannys shop in Bath

As a family we have been to enough festivals by now (Green Man, Tolpuddle, Camp Bestival) to know that there are good sources for buying second-hand clothing on site. If you ignore the ubiquitous Boden and Joules stalls you will find Oxfam Fashion running their great stalls (see a post here on festival fashion Oxfam style). The girls have also spent ages dressing up at the  vintage clothing store on site at Camp Bestival (my middle daughter even spent her holiday money on a chicken suit there and wore it on the hottest day!).

second hand clothing stalls at festivals: kids costumes


However as much as I love second-hand clothing when it comes to festival going (and camping in general) I require three things of my clothing:

– to be warm

– to be layered (so if the sun comes out I can strip down to a vest top)

– to be dry

Having spent one year at a very wet Green Man Festival in Wales I have long since realised that being dry (with wellies, waterproof trousers and anorak) is far more important than looking like Kate Moss! So no fur coat for me I’m afraid….


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