Teacher’s Thank You Presents?


Since my eldest started school in 2006 I’ve seen a big growth in the end-of-year presents for teachers and teaching staff. At this time of year it’s impossible to set foot in any card shop (or even our village post office) without seeing a rack of ‘thank you teacher’ cards and accompanying gifts. While I think it’s a lovely sentiment to say thank you to the people who educate your children I struggle with the idea of presents. It’s not that I don’t think the teachers and TAs aren’t worth a thank you gift. It’s just the type of mass-produced presents that are out there and the pressure I feel as a parent to purchase these gifts.

Some schools have a policy of asking parents to donate a certain amount of money to purchase one larger present for the teacher which is a nice idea but can be a struggle financially. A group of my friends get together every year to make scones and homemade jam for their children’s teachers which is a lovely sentiment – and a joy to eat!

As you would imagine there are whole pinterest boards devoted to these gifts (okay I confess I created one too and at one point was convinced I was going to make loads of apple shaped gift boxes out of plastic bottles). In the US it seems even worse with ‘back to school’ gifts and a whole teacher appreciation week.

In the end I copied what I did last year and created some simple thank you cards online which I wrote with the girls. I also blatantly stole my friend’s idea and made a hamper of tea, coffee and biscuits for the staffroom so that all the staff and teachers who have helped my girls through the years could receive a thank you too.

What are your thoughts on teacher’s presents?

Teachers' thank you

8 thoughts on “Teacher’s Thank You Presents?

  1. nessjibberjabberuk says:

    Having always had jobs where I have never received a present or a tip I do struggle with the overall concept. Of course my daughter doesn’t want to be the only one not to bring something so for the past two years we have made a triple choc cherry traybake. As she has several teachers and TAs by cutting it up it supplies everyone. She has said the teachers eat them at first break! I’m just glad they get consumed and are all made out of ingredients in my cupboard.

  2. As a teacher (at university), I do appreciate a present (when they are a considered gift by one individual. Of course, who doesn’t like to receive a token of unexpected gratitude?

    I don’t give presents to my daughter’s teachers at the end of the year as that seems insincere. However, we have made cakes during term time or given flowers from our garden.

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